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I have helped thousands of people to “change” or to discover a new sense of self, since 1997.

 I use an extensive range of techniques drawn from many trainings in Brief Psychotherapy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP,  and Neurofeedback.

If you are looking to resolve an emotional or psychological issue I can help and often - fast!

If you are seeking to achieve new things with your life I  can help you to make that happen with Transformative Coaching.

Best wishes, Steven Lane, DHP, BE Psych, Dip C, Mprac NLP

Steven has helped me enormously, to recognize the structures of my own limiting beliefs and to wholeheartedly connect with my values and wishes.

Beyond therapeutic intervention, he’s helped uplift my sense of possibility, and raw wonder! Working with him has been transformational to my sense of who I am and what I might do with my life – and more than that, he has shown me the immense potentiality that is already here and fully accessible to anyone, beyond the need for any healing to take place.

If that may sound faraway and dreamy, in fact it has been a completely grounded, practical and day-to-day discovery that brings a shift to all aspects of living. In peak moments of connecting with nature or just standing in line at the post office – now I can recognize a blissful spaciousness, which I used to be way too busy struggling after to even notice.

Danielle Hill, Austria

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Common Issues I Help With

Representative for Zengar’s

NeurOptimal®  Neurofeedback

Mind Body Change through technology

Irish Representative Agent for the Microcurrent Site UK selling

Alpha Stim ® (CES Technology) for help with anxiety, fibromyalgia, sleep problems, depression and pain.