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Effortless Change Through Technology

I have been using NeurOptimal™ with clients since 2009 and seen some amazing results. I was the first person to bring this technology to Ireland and I am now an Instructor for Canadian company Zengar, teaching people in the UK and Ireland how to use this technology.

 In my opinion it is the most advanced form of Neurofeedback on the planet. This amazing bit of technology effortlessly optimises your brain functioning, with all of the benefits that a well functioning brain can bring (see left for some of the things it has helped with).

You will see that people with chronic stress, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety, Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression have all benefited. People also use it though, to generally enhance their sense of well being, their performance, their creativity.

I work extensively with people suffering from stress or stress related conditions, and generally find that NeurOptimal helps a person to gain their peace of mind quickly.

It is now known that the brain is “plastic” and can develop new pathways and brain cells. NeurOptimal helps this to happen and in doing so, enables you to begin to live your potential.

To improve the quality of your life you must improve your state of mind. This is what NeurOptimal™  does!

During a brain training session you are hooked up with a small number of sensors to a powerful computer system which translates your brain activity and enables feedback in the form of tiny pauses in the music you are listening to whenever your brain shows signs of unstable activity. This makes it very safe because nothing is being put into your brain. The system simply tells your brain what it is doing so that the brain itself can make corrections and improvements.

This is different to most other Neurofeedback devices which require a diagnosis first and then intervention to change specific brainwaves.

NeurOptimal usually requires 10 to 30 sessions to optimise your brain and bring about long term changes. Some people may need occasional top ups to maintain the benefits. In most cases sessions are weekly or twice a week. However, I have also done up to 2 sessions a day for a week with excellent results.

Please see my dedicated website  and see the manufacturers site:



We can not make specific claims for NeurOptimal™  - it trains your brain, and much like training your body brings individual benefits, the same applies to training your brain. Of course people come hoping to solve a particular issue - often they gain far more than imagined.


A politician suffering from chronic stress had 15 sessions. Result: felt consistently very relaxed, clear headed and became much more efficient. Became able to express emotions better.

A 12 year old boy with ADHD had 15 sessions. Result: ADHD significantly improved, improved behaviour.

A 30 year old business executive with anxiety and panic disorder had 30 sessions. Results: 80% less anxiety, freedom from panic, much more alert and assertive and doubled her salary!

A 9 year old boy with dyslexia had 10 session. Result: reading age improved from “6” to “10”. Able to concentrate better and much happier in himself.

A 60 year old man with a life time of depression and anxiety had an initial 30 sessions and experienced a profound transformation. He is free of depression and only occasionally feels anxious. He has continued for the last 4 years to top up his treatment with one further session perf month.

A 50 year old golfer hoped her game would improve. Following 20 sessions she said she could now enter “the zone” pretty well at will.

Countless people have resolved their insomnia and sleeping problems.

Children with autism and learning difficulties have experienced remarkable results with many parents buying a system themselves.

A man who had 3 strokes and had been unable to talk or move for 12 years, regained his speech and movement.

A woman who had been sexually assaulted, regained her confidence in herself and overcame her trauma.